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Seattle News - Democracy & Human Rights Alliance News Release






  中國政府殘酷打擊民主人權活躍人士。近來, 習近平政權已拘捕了數百名人權律師,并加強鎮壓持不同政見者,明顯地破坏和羞辱了所謂的“依法治國”政策。



  4) 結束中國對鄰國使用武力。





抗議活動 -- 質問 “習大大”, 您敢要民主嗎?

1. 聯合新聞發布會

西雅圖市中心西湖公園 聯合新聞發布會
地址:1501 4th Ave Seattle, WA (西雅圖市中心: 第4街 和Pine 街交口)

2. 在微軟總部 Redmond 抗議

9月23日中午12:00 (習下午去33號樓)
地點:在 NE 40th Street 街上,与156th Ave NE 交口 (在西南角 SW corner 有公車545, 560等)
1 Microsoft Way, Redmond,WA 98052


In response to Chinese President Xi Jinping's arrival in the United States and participation in the U.S.-China Internet Industry Forum at Microsoft on September 23, several civic organizations will hold a rally at Westlake Park in downtown Seattle on Tuesday, September 22nd at 4:00pm.

Among the groups organizing the rally will be Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance in and the People for the Democratic Taiwan in Greater Seattle, and Tibetan Association.. Protesters are making the following demands of President Xi:

1) End the crackdown against political dissidents, human rights attorneys, and striking workers.

The Chinese government has targeted numerous political activists across the country, including the five feminist activists who were arrested one day before International Women's Day, and labor leaders in places like Shenzhen, where millions of workers produce export goods like electronics and textiles under grueling conditions.

The crackdowns target not only activists, but also the lawyers who chose to represent them in court. Under President Xi's regime, hundreds of human rights attorneys have been detained and publicly humiliated in a brazen attempt to undermine the profession's credibility and crush political dissent.

2) End China's bullying toward its neighboring nations by force.

President Xi's regime needs to stop from purposely escalating military tension in the East China Sea, the Taiwan Strait, and the South China Sea.

3) Respect the rights and choices of the people of Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang, and Taiwan.

Since coming to power, President Xi has escalated the repression and forced assimilation of Uyghurs in their homeland of Xinjiang. Meanwhile, even moderate forms of resistance by Uyghurs are framed as terrorism and swiftly crushed by the Chinese military. Tibetans continue to endure similar repression by Xi's government. Tibetan and all religious groups strongly demand the freedom of religion and release religious and political prisoners in China. And in Hong Kong, the 2014 massive protests that sparked the Umbrella Movement were met with police violence, surveillance, and harassment.

Taiwan, a sovereignty nation with its own Government, should not be claimed as part of China's territory. China has no right to block Taiwan's efforts to join the international community, as it continues to do at every opportunity.

4) Allow religious freedom to all the citizens of China.

Finally, we call on all the corporate leaders participating in this forum, including the CEOs of Google, Microsoft, and Apple, not to discard your ethical principles for temporary economic gains in your dealings with the Chinese government, to the detriment of the interests of those who strive for democracy and human rights. The realization of their “Chinese Dream” will be a shining beacon to all those who yearn for democracy and peace all over the world.

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance
Tibetan Association
People for the Democratic Taiwan in Greater Seattle